About Me

My name is Wes, and I've been in the games industry for 12 years, working on many titles that span console generations.  
I started in games doing mobile before the iPhone.  Though I used to be a generalist, I now specialize in character art.  This puts me in the interesting position of being able to handle the hero assets, as well as getting down and dirty with memory optimization or even particle effects.  Professionally, I love surrounding myself with motivated, inspired people, and currently living in Seattle, WA.  I spend my days working on my own art through the Steam Workshop, where I have found success in Dota and CS:GO.
At home and off the clock, I love my dogs, having a beer with close friends, making 3d art and playing a game or two.  As a compulsive creator, I'm never quite complete unless I'm making something new.  I love to garden, cook, build improvements to my house, experiment with Twitch streaming, code games using Unity, brew beer, and run long, annoying distances.

Not my dog.  These are my dogs

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